Podiatric Medicine Principles


The Podiatric Medicine Principles tabs listed above (PMP 1-4) provide examples of pathology that are discussed in the Podiatric Medicine Principles (aka PMP) curriculum. Each web page is designed such that an overview is presented in this content area, images (including marked [*] images with fiindings described) are located below in a tabbed panel to minimize page scrolling, and self-study questions with responses are found along the right side as an accordian (the accordian is collapsed so that you can have a chance to answer the questions without seeing the answers). References are located at the bottom of the page. The learning goals/objectives for the PMP 1-4 content are:

  • determine when a radiographic study is indicated
  • determine which views would be appropriate for a given presentation
  • identify abnormal radiographic findings
  • describe abnormal findings using appropriate terminology
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How do I find a pathology discussed in class?

Select one of the PMP tabs near the top of the page. The topics on the selected page are listed as they are in your course syllabi. You can also select the index tab for a listing of available pathology.

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